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The world's most complete cinema loudspeaker line

At QSC we recognize that cinema is a specialized market with unique technical and practical requirements. Drawing on our own cinema background, we design and build each loudspeaker expressly for its intended role in a cinema system. While there is a lot we can apply from our extensive PA and installation experience, we are not in the business of selling general-purpose loudspeakers to the cinema market.

QSC also recognizes that auditoriums — and exhibitors — are diverse, which is why we offer the industry's most varied and comprehensive line of cinema loudspeakers. While each of our speakers is designed to handle a specific customer need, all are conceived and constructed to the same high standards. Not every room can justify a top-end system, but every audience deserves loudspeakers that fully and accurately reproduce the soundtrack crafted by the filmmakers. And that's the only kind of loudspeakers we make.

Finally, we recognize that our customers are in business to fill seats, not to fiddle with gear. That's why everything we sell is designed not only for maximum reliability, but also for maximum efficiency. Every detail of installation and operation is considered in our loudspeaker designs. From built-in HF driver protection to loudspeakers that integrate effortlessly with our amplifiers and processors, QSC offers a total solution that installs quickly, sounds great, and works without issue for years on end. No other cinema sound manufacturer can make that claim.

Detailed, innovative design
The Digital Cinema Series (DCS) includes 2-, 3-, and 4-way screen channel loudspeakers as well as surrounds and subwoofers. It's a diverse collection, but every model embodies QSC attention to detail in design and construction. The result is the smartest loudspeaker line in cinema, starting with a host of innovations built into our screen channel lines:

  • Easy pan-tilt assembly — The pan-tilt mechanism for mid-high components makes quick work of assembling and aligning screen channel systems. The assembly is labeled for repeatability and features a notched tilt adjustment to maintain vertical alignment.
  • CineSight™ speaker aiming — An exclusive integrated sight that works even after the screen has been
  • installed, CineSight allows fast, accurate aiming without having to remove the driver.
  • Maximum-intelligibility midrange — The broad-range mid-frequency driver in 3- and 4-way DCS systems keeps key speech frequencies together for superb dialog intelligibility.
  • Convergent mid-high coverage — A built-in tilt to the high-frequency horns on 3- and 4-way systems provides more even convergence with the midrange pattern, ensuring optimum seating-area coverage.
  • Speaker-optimized EQ presets — Model-specific DSP presets in our DCP, DCM, and Q-Sys™ processors optimize our loudspeakers for great performance right out of the box.
  • Driver protection and equalization — The driver protection and equalization network in our screen channel systems improves reliability by protecting HF drivers against damaging DC or low-frequency signals.

Superb subs and surrounds
QSC design innovations aren't limited to our screen channel loudspeakers. Our superb subwoofers and surrounds are also state-of-the-art:

  • Extended low-frequency response — DCS subwoofers use B6 alignment for improved performance in the critical 20 to 40 Hz region. With boxes tuned to a lower frequency and filtering applied by QSC processors, our subs deliver the high-impact lows that today's audiences love.
  • Big speaker, huge sound — When 18-inch woofers aren't quite enough, QSC has ultra bottom-end covered with the awe-inspiring 21-inch SB-15121.
  • Widest selection of surround loudpseakers — From the SR-8101 to the high-power SR-1030, QSC offers the industry's widest selection of surrounds, for any size cinema or immersive sound surround format.
  • Hands-free mounting — A trapezoidal bracket design holds speakers in place during lock-screw insertion, allowing surround mounting by a single installer. Down-angles of both 15° and 23° are supported.