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WideLine™ Systems

Line array systems for use in the most demanding concert and sound reinforcement applications.


“Audio performance coupled with dispersion, size and weight make the
WideLine-10 our weapon of choice. This week our system went from an arena
comedy show, to an outdoor rock & roll show, to a corporate national sales
meeting with exceptional sonic results.”

Larry Schmidt - Reel Rock Productions, Tallahassee, FL
WideLine-10 Line Array System

“It’s a great sounding box – versatile, lightweight, cost effective. We use it for
everything from Country to Jazz to Hip Hop and it does the job every time, night
after night , show after show. The WideLine-10 is the best investment I’ve made
in any loudspeaker system, period.”

Kevin Short - Mid South Audio, Georgetown, DE

“It’s a rock box, a corporate box and a small venue box all in one. The
most versatile, best sounding and easy to use line array available today.”

Alan Redstone - Wavelengths Pro Audio, Leominster, MA
WideLine-8 Line Array System

The concert stage makes one unrelenting demand do it better, faster and smarter. And oh by the way, do it with less. Cramped sightlines. Escalating fuel costs. Constant demands for exceptional audio performance by audiences, clients and artists. Concert sound professionals have a lot to deal with today – and so do their loudspeaker systems. 

WideLine™ systems are designed to make any concert gig look easy and sound spectacular. They go from festivals, ballrooms, theaters, nightclubs and houses of worship to concert halls, amphitheaters and arenas. Ground stacked or flown, with or without subwoofers, WideLine systems are engineered to adapt to any venue. 

Now there are two WideLine systems. The WideLine-10, which set new standards for amazing output in a compact package is joined by the WideLine-8, which extends this innovation into an even smaller yet still power-packed system. Both feature QSC's patented* multiple aperture diffraction slot waveguide for broad 140° horizontal coverage and a nearly ideal vertical line source. Proprietary DSP tunings with Intrinsic Correction™ algorithms use FIR filters for excellent power response and extremely natural, uncolored sound.

*Patent No. 7,177,437

WideLine Technology

Patented multiple aperture diffraction slot waveguide provides exceptionally wide horizontal coverage (140°) and a near ideal vertical line source
Single 3" (75 mm) diaphragm neodymium compression driver Fully captive hardware design incorporates all components necessary for box-to-box rigging Factory-programmed DSP tunings with Intrinsic Correction compensate for waveguide acoustical impedance, loudspeaker cone resonances, etc.

for accurate amplitude, frequency and phase response

WideLine-8 Components

  • WL3082 Baltic birch dual-8" (200 mm) tri-amp line array loudspeaker
  • WL212-sw dual-12" (305 mm) subwoofer WideLine-10 Components
  • WL2102 cored composite dual-10" (250 mm) bi-amp / tri-amp line array loudspeaker
  • WL2102-w Baltic birch dual-10" (250 mm) bi-amp / tri-amp line array loudspeaker
  • WL218-sw dual-18" (460 mm) subwoofer

WideLine Engineering

WideLine systems follow the classic high performance hot rod formula: engineer maximum horsepower into a package with minimum size and weight. For transparent high frequencies, they use a compression driver with a 3" (75 mm) diaphragm and neodymium magnet. For midrange punch and low-frequency authority, a pair of high-performance 16 ohm woofers – 8" (200 mm) cones in the WideLine-8 and 10" (250 mm) woofers in the WideLine-10 are employed. For optimal overall amplifier efficiency, in tri-amp mode the LF and MF sections of up to eight enclosures can be powered by a single two-channel amplifier

WideLine Coverage

WideLine systems have exceptionally wide 140° horizontal coverage. They create a broader stereo image, reduce the need for supplemental fill speakers and give you more placement options.

Two engineering achievements let WideLine systems cover more seats with fewer boxes. Covering high frequencies is QSC's patented multiple aperture diffraction slot waveguide. The waveguide exit extends nearly to the top and bottom of the enclosure, minimizing discontinuities between adjacent elements. This virtually eliminates destructive interference and creates a flexible, continuous acoustical source.

Both WideLine systems operate in 3-way mode. One woofer covers only the low frequencies while the other extends to the mid/high crossover point. The single midrange transducer keeps horizontal coverage as wide as possible and assures smooth response both on and off axis at the transition to the diffraction-slot-loaded high-frequency section.

Subwoofer Integration

Sound system designers and operators are increasingly flying subwoofers with the main array for a more seamless acoustical transition from low-mids to subbass. Both WideLine systems have arrayable subwoofer options.
Intrinsic Correction™

Phenomena such as waveguide acoustical impedances and loudspeaker cone resonance gave every loudspeaker its own character – until now. QSC system engineers have harnessed digital FIR (Finite Impulse Response) filters to provide Intrinsic Correction of these "unavoidable" acoustical errors. Intrinsic Correction provides the most accurate acoustical magnitude, frequency and phase domain performance possible, giving WideLine systems excellent power response and extremely natural, uncolored sound. For flawless audio quality, operational simplicity and low cost, the QSC SC28 processor combines factory-programmed Intrinsic Correctiontunings with user-adjustable system equalization, offset delays and output levels. For sophisticated, programmable DSP, Intrinsic Correction tunings are available for QSC BASIS™ processors. Thanks to Intrinsic Correction, WideLine arrays are totally responsive to any equalization you may apply as an adjustment for array configuration, acoustical conditions or individual preferences.

WL3082 Features

  • Extraordinarily compact (only 20" / 508 mm wide) and light (38 lb / 17.2 kg)
  • 135 dB SPL peak acoustic output
  • High power 8" (200 mm) neodymium LF / MF drivers provide low-frequency extension to 62 Hz
  • 3" (75 mm) diaphragm compression driver on QSC's patented 140° multiple aperture diffraction slot waveguide
  • Simple, easy-to-use rigging system supports arrays of up to 12 units with 10:1 design factor
  • Flexible ground stack capability
  • Fully supported in EASE and EASE Focus modelling software

WL212-sw Features

  • Dual 12" (305 mm) woofers in a 4th order bandpass enclosure
  • 135 dB SPL peak output capability
  • Low-frequency extension to 32 Hz
  • Can be flown at the top of a WL3082 array or behind the array
  • Integral suspension hardware also supports WL3082 in ground stack applications

Designed for the most demanding concert and installation audio professionals, the WideLine-8 system sets new standards for acoustical performance – even more astonishing given its compact size.

WideLine-8 packs full-size line array performance into an ultra-compact package measuring less than 20" (508 mm) wide and 9" (229 mm) high. Why did we make sure this is the most compact, highest output line array speaker system available? So you can use it almost anywhere, even in venues with height or sightline restrictions that limit the placement and size of the array. So you can avoid rising fuel costs by downsizing transportation. And so you can meet client and audience expectations for audio performance that are higher than ever.

Each tri-amplified WideLine-8 element uses a pair of high-power neodymium 8" (200 mm) low-frequency drivers. Both generate low frequencies but only one extends into the midrange – this maintains wide 140° horizontal dispersion control at crossover. High frequencies are handled by a premium, 3" (75 mm) diaphragm, neodymium compression driver mounted to QSC's patented multiple aperture diffraction slot waveguide.

The WL3082 is designed for tri-amplification. Adding WL212-sw subwoofers creates a 4-way active system. The WideLine-8 sub sets a new benchmark for extraordinary acoustic output from a miniscule enclosure. At first glance, the enclosure seems too small for its pair of 4" (102 mm) voice coil, long excursion 12" (305 mm) woofers. The extremely low profile (less than 15"/ 381 mm) also makes the WL212-sw sub a great choice for installed and portable use under a stage or in other tight quarters. The 4th order bandpass design produces 135 dB (peak) SPL and has LF extension to 32 Hz, with the punch needed for popular music. Enclosure width matches the WL3082 allowing it to be flown above or behind a WideLine-8 array.

Premium materials include Baltic birch plywood with an environmentally friendly, waterborne polymer finish that is field-repairable. Aluminum suspension fittings keep weight to a minimum and prevent rust.

An elegantly simple 4-point suspension system combined with light weight, compact size and excellent handling ergonomics mean that one crewperson can easily deploy a WideLine-8 system.

Flexible Arrays

Arrays can be assembled using only WL3082 elements for events where extreme low end below 62 Hz is not required. For additional subbass impact, WL212-sw subwoofers can be flown at the top of the array, or behind the fullrange array by utilizing the EB3082 extension bar. 

Arrays of up to twelve WL3082 modules, with four WL212-sw subwoofers flown behind can be accommodated by the combination of 2 x AF3082-S small array frames and a single EB3082 extension bar.

As many as twelve WL3082 modules can be suspended using one AF3082-S while the AF3082-L large array frame can be used to assemble arrays of up to 12 WL3082 modules alone or suspended below up to 4 WL212-sw subwoofers. The AF8-10 adapter frame allows the user to add WL3082 WideLine-8 arrays beneath WL2012 WideLine-10 arrays. The PB3082 pullback bar can be used to attain extra down angle in flown arrays or as a suspension bar for arrays of up to eight WL3082 modules. 
Description: Description: http://www.qsc.com/products/speakers/wideline/WL3082array_tall.jpg

Optimized Ground Stacking

The WideLine-8 system is equally at home in the air or ground stacked. The WideLine-8 sub suspension system includes a unique provision that allows the lowest line array element stacked over a sub to be tilted up or down by as much as 10°, offering better coverage of listeners near the stage. WideLine-8 subs can be used as a base for stacking up to six WideLine-8 line array elements.
Description: Description: http://www.qsc.com/products/speakers/wideline/groundstack.jpg

WL2102 Features

  • 3" (75 mm) diaphragm compression driver on patented 140° multiple aperture diffraction slot waveguide – a near ideal vertical line source
  • 139 dB SPL peak acoustic output
  • Bi-amp or tri-amp operation
  • Dual 10" (250 mm) long excursion, high power, low-frequency transducers
  • WL2102 cored composite construction reduces weight to 70 lb (31.8 kg), enhances weather resistance
  • WL2102-w birch ply construction lowers cost with a 19% weight gain (83 lb, 37.7 kg)
  • Captive box-to-box rigging hardware

The WideLine-10 has proven itself in venues ranging from festivals, ballrooms, theaters and nightclubs to concert halls, houses of worship and arenas. The WideLine high-frequency section consists of a 3" (75 mm) diaphgram, neodymium magnet compression driver, mounted on a patented multiple aperture diffraction slot waveguide that produces the ideal linear source required for proper line array performance, along with exceptionally wide horizontal coverage.

The 3-way design operates in either biamplified or triamplified mode. Both 10" (250 mm) diameter low-frequency transducers cover low frequencies while only one extends to the mid/high crossover point. The single midrange transducer assures smooth response both on and off axis at the transition to the diffraction slot loaded high frequency section.

Biamplification, with passive components producing the frequency response shading of the low-frequency drivers, allows fewer amplifier channels and simplifies wiring. Triamplification with active electronics controls the required low-frequency shading with greater precision and is recommended where maximum output and optimal sound quality are desired.

16 ohm low-frequency transducers optimize allocation of amplifier channels. In bi-amp mode the LF/MF sections of four enclosures present a 2 ohm load that can be powered by one amplifier channel. In tri-amp mode the LF and MF sections of up to eight enclosures can be powered by a single two channel amplifier.

The WL2102 cored composite enclosure material is lightweight and highly weather resistant: net weight is less than half that of some conventional designs.

The WL2102-w is constructed of industry standard birch plywood at a substantial cost savings for more price sensitive applications where the ultra light weight and extreme weather resistance of the cored composite enclosure are not required. Birch construction results in a 19% increase in weight; 83 lb / 37.7 kg vs. 70 lb / 31.8 kg for the cored composite WL2102.

WideLine-10 rigging hardware allows both composite and plywood enclosures to be arrayed together. Two array frame models let you choose the right tool for the job. The larger Fly Grid can accommodate flown arrays of up to 12 enclosures with a design factor of 10:1 and ground-stacked arrays of up to 8 boxes. The smaller Stacking Frame also does double duty, suspending arrays of up to 6 enclosures with a 10:1 design factor and allowing ground stacks of 4 boxes.

Vertical splay angles between adjacent enclosures are adjustable in one degree increments from two to ten degrees and can also be set at zero degrees (i.e. front faces parallel). All array hardware is “captive” – permanently attached to the enclosure. There are no loose parts to misplace. 
WL218-sw WideLine Subwoofer

WL218-sw Features

  • Long-excursion, high-power woofers with 4" (102 mm) fiberglass voice coils, double layer spiders and triple roll surrounds
  • Simple, convenient suspension system supports up to 8 WL218-sw subwoofers with 10:1 design factor
  • Exceptional "punch" combined with low-frequency extension to 31 Hz
  • Easy-to-attach dolly plus twelve thoughtfully placed handles

The WL218-sw is a premium, high-performance, dual 18" (460 mm) subwoofer designed for flying or ground stacking. With an impressive combination of punch, low-frequency extension and accuracy, the WL218-sw is an ideal companion for the WideLine-10. The WL218-sw is easily flown along side the main array for powerful and stunningly accurate low-frequency output. The AF218-sw is a simple, heavy-duty array frame constructed of welded, aviation-grade 6061-T6 aluminum: it will suspend up to 8 WL218-sw subwoofers with a 10:1 design factor. For ground stacking, interlocking feet and recesses are machined into the enclosure’s end caps. 

Extremely musical yet powerful, the WL218-sw offers plenty of “punch” while maintaining ample extension so musically important and satisfying fundamentals are solidly and accurately reproduced – the result of carefully balancing transducer characteristics, cabinet volume and port tuning. The 18" (460 mm) woofers have double layer spiders and triple roll surrounds for extended and controlled excursion at extreme power. The 4" (102 mm) voice coils are wound on fiberglass formers to prevent deformation at high operating temperatures, and are extensively vented to reduce power compression. An aluminum demodulating ring is employed for low distortion.

Ample port area allows massive amounts of air to move freely with minimal turbulence or “chuffing”. The ports are arranged so as to eliminate asymmetrical loading of the woofers, which can result in distortion and voice coil failure related to rocking-modes.

Transport and handling were also given high priority. No matter how the box is deployed, one of the dozen handles will be where it needs to be. The included transport dolly attaches to the front of the enclosure with an easy-to-use yet roadworthy snap-on attachment mechanism and provides rugged 3.5" (89 mm) casters plus complete protection to the grille and transducers. An optional padded soft cover provides additional protection from the rigors of the road. 

Description: Description: WL218-sw Subwoofer
Description: Description: http://www.qsc.com/products/speakers/wideline/wideline_bro_pg5-1_header.jpg

For an ultra-compact, lightweight and cost-effective system with the power to cover the majority of sound reinforcement applications, combine WideLine-8 with QSC's PowerLight 3 Series amplifiers and the SC28 System Controller.

Flexible System Architecture

The demands placed on professional sound reinforcement systems require a range of solutions from small and simple to huge and complex. One unifying theme is that all are systems.That's why QSC develops and manufactures all of the most critical links in the sound reinforcement signal chain: signal processing, amplification and loudspeakers.

Description: Description: SC28 System Controller
The SC28 is a 2 input, 8 output digital system controller containing pre-programmed tunings for QSC loudspeaker systems and user-adjustable equalization and delay.

Audio inputs and outputs are via balanced, line-level, XLR connectors. Uncompromised audio quality is delivered by 48 kHz, 24-bit A/D and D/A conversion with 32-bit, floating point DSP for wide dynamic range and low distortion. Advanced DSP is capable of implementing tunings that incorporate IIR (Infinite Impulse Response) as well as FIR (Finite Impulse Response) filters. QSC system engineers have employed the power of the SC28 FIR filters to implement Intrinsic Correction.

Selection of tunings is accomplished by simply scrolling through and selecting from a list of QSC loudspeakers and amplifiers on the SC28 LCD panel. Settings for new QSC products may be loaded via a USB port.

Once processor settings have been entered, the user can take advantage of an integral, 6 band parametric equalizer, high and low shelving filters and signal delay to optimize for acoustic, environmental or aesthetic considerations. Password protection is included to prevent unauthorized tampering.

PowerLight™ 3 Series

Description: Description: PowerLight 3 Series
The PowerLight 3 Series is designed for the most demanding live audio users, whether in touring rigs or fixed installations.

The most requested features of the PowerLight 2 Series have been upgraded to deliver "the ultimate analog amplifier", plus the QSC DataPort ensures full compatibility with advanced digital processing and QSControl.net™. Three models range in power from 1250 to 4000 watts per channel at two ohms, all in two-rack space chassis that are only 15.6" (40 cm) deep and weigh between 22 and 24 lb (10-11 kg).

The flagship of the PowerLight 3 Series is the new 8000 watt PL380. This highly refined, all-switchmode amplifier incorporates nearly 40 years of QSC engineering experience, resetting expectations for Class D audio quality. The PL380 combines Class D amplification with the well proven PowerLight power supply, to deliver more than twice as much audio power as previous 2 rack unit PowerLight amplifiers. Unprecedented efficiency of 85% keeps AC power needs to a minimum, while delivering more energy to the speaker.

For lower power applications, the 2500 watt PL325 and 4000 watt PL340 offer the same feature set, matched to QSC's most advanced linear amplifier platform. Recent advances in power supply capacitors further improve power and low-impedance performance, while continuing to offer the best available audio performance.

In addition to higher power, the PowerLight 3 Series offers easily adjusted rear panel function switches with colorcoded LED indicators for high-pass filters, clip limiting input sensitivity and normal or bridged output.

For those users who simply want the highest performance amplifier to go with their existing processor or console, the PowerLight 3 Series is an ideal choice, offering high power, excellent value, and zero signal latency. When complete integration of amplifier control, monitoring and DSP is desired, the PowerLight 3 Series is fully compatible with the QSControl.net™ networked audio platform, with its comprehensive drag and drop DSP functionality. Simpler DSP requirements can be met by simply plugging a DSP-4 processing module into the rear panel of the amplifier.


Description: Description: BASIS
BASIS processors include amplifier and loudspeaker management, configurable DSP and CobraNet™ digital audio transport in a compact 1RU device. 

Automatic Power Limiting (Patent No. 6,940,981) is one of the most powerful of BASIS features. This technology creates a feedback loop between QSC speakers and amps that assesses the driver's thermal response to the true power delivered to it and uses this information to dynamically limit the power reaching the driver. Power limiting has no effect until the designated thermal limit is exceeded, beyond which power is reduced to a safe level. This maximizes each loudspeaker's performance without exceeding its safe operating range. BASIS processors are available in a number of different configurations with up to 8 analog or AES/EBU digital inputs and up to 16 analog outputs plus CobraNet input and output capability.

BASIS processors connect directly to the DataPort on select QSC amplifiers, providing analog audio as well as network control and monitoring of amplifier functions.


Description: Description: QSControl.net
QSControl.net is a networked audio system platform that seamlessly integrates QSC amplifier and loudspeaker management, configurable digital signal processing and digital audio transport into a unified system administered through a user-friendly GUI. QSC BASIS, RAVE (520uz, 522aa and 522ua) and DSP 322ua devices all operate under QSControl.net, controlled from Venue Manager software. DataPort equipped QSC amplifiers can also be controlled and their performance monitored. Furthermore, multiple networked computers can control and monitor all units simultaneously. QSControl.net is AMX® and Crestron® compatible.  

Description: Description: http://www.qsc.com/products/speakers/wideline/wideline_bro_pg5-2_header.jpg
Combining WideLine with PowerLight 3 amplifiers, BASIS processors and the QSControl.net™ network creates a system incorporating powerful programmability via an advanced PC-based user interface, comprehensive DSP and digital audio transport plus amplifier monitoring, management and control.