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The Audio & Video requirements for corporate offices have grown rapidly in recent years.  The desire to reach global markets coupled with escalating travel costs has drivenmany businesses to distance conferencing to stay in touch with their satellite offices or offshore manufacturing.  However A/V needs are not restricted to the board rooms.Throughout the office complex there are requirements for zoned office paging, music-on-hold, training room multi-media, cafeteria background music and noise-masking to name but a few.  

Board Rooms:

Distance conferencing can take many forms, from simple tele-conferencing (voice only) to webinar training (voice & desktop sharing only) to full on immersive tele-presence (video, audio & desktop sharing).  Typically found in board rooms, meeting rooms and training rooms, each location shares the same requirements for high quality multimedia playback, multiple-microphone locations, multiple loudspeaker locations and a reliable interface to the telephony system.  Q-Sys provides the audio solution to meet any corporate conferencing application.


Training Rooms:

Corporate training rooms can often resemble a university lecture room.  Typically used to train onsite attendees, the training room can also be employed for one-way distance learning for offsite attendees.  A well designed training room can also double as a multi-purpose room, splitting into smaller self contained training rooms through the use of sliding air-walls and room-combining mixers, or opening up into one large room to cater for larger company gatherings, or even just watching DVDs on a Friday night after work.  Q-Sys provides the audio solution to meet any corporate training application.


Office Paging:

The requirements for office paging have not really changed much in the last decade, however the methods employed have certainly changed.  Nowadays the same audio system that is managing board rooms and training rooms can also manage office paging, background music playback and music-on-hold playback.  Q-Sys provides the audio solution to meet any office paging application.


Noise Masking:

A new challenge has presented itself as a result of modern construction practices.Newer building materials and building codes have resulted in dramatic reductions in ambient noise typically generated from HVAC vents, buzzing light fixtures and general bleed from outdoor street noise.  While this may seem like a good thing, it has actually resulted in office environments becoming “too quiet”, resulting in less conversation privacy among neighboring cubicles.  A common approach to counter this privacy issue is to simply “reproduce” the missing ambient noise by using filtered white noise, a practice that is referred to as Noise Masking.  This filtered white noise can be generated within Q-Sys, and simply piggy-back onto the existing office paging system.  Surprisingly, the office staff will not even know it is there, however a large degree of speech privacy will be restored.   


Corporate Projects - Reference Sites:

Federal Reserve Bank – Minneapolis, Minnesota

3M Campus Wide Paging System – Brookings, South Dakota

Boeing Campus Wide Paging System – Long Beach, California

Cisco Stadium and Arena’s Demo Facility – Milpitas, California

US DoD BRAC 133 Project at Mark Center – Alexandria, Virginia

Chicago Mercantile Exchange – Chicago, Illinois

Nomura Bank – London, England

ABC Studios – Hollywood, California


Corporate Projects - Press Releases:

Ospedale Martini hospital paging system – Turin, Italy


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Features at a Glance:

  • Auto-mixing
  • Mix-Minus
  • Auto-Gain Control
  • Room Combining
  • Voice over IP
  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation
  • Logic Control
  • AMX / Crestron integration
  • Noise Masking Generator
  • Zone Paging